Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After the Snow/Views of the Park

This past Winter, Paris has had significant snowfall. Barely a week goes by where there is no snow, nor the threat of it and yet, for a city in which snowfall is relatively rare, people here seemed resigned and relaxed about it. Perhaps by now, it feels old hat. I took these photos a few weeks ago, after the last significant snowfall. The blue sky reflected in the snow reminded me of an old polaroid photo I took in college. I was in a park and took a photo of the snow. When the photo came out of the camera it was the most remarkable blue. I kept the photo for years, but have lost it at some point. Walking in the park near my apartment in Paris, I had one of those Proustian moments of recollection. I got my camera for pictures to remind me again, years from now, how beautiful and haunting a snowfall can be.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

To England and back.

I know this blog is about Paris, but this entry is about England, Cornwall to be exact. I went there for the first time over 3 years ago. I fell in love with it instantly. For me, there is no other place like it. It can bore the Hell out of you, yet turn around and it rejuvenates your soul with it's stark beauty. The first time I went there, I stayed for 2 months. I had intended to stay longer my second trip, but moved to Paris after meeting a wonderful person. That is another back to Cornwall. I go back there as often as I can. At the last minute, I decided to spend Christmas there, to see old friends, relax and perhaps re-examine some aspects of my life which need some careful consideration. I have always managed to think in Cornwall. I stay with a friend in a tiny village called Boscastle, which is right on the coast. This was the first time I'd gone since seriously taking up photography. Fighting off days of laziness, I took these photos while walking along a rocky beach. The area has an almost lunar quality to it. I find it threatening and comforting at the same time. There is no real development there, so homes, shops and sites feel untouched by the modern world, yet at the same time, this tiny English village has gone digital before the United States. I spent Christmas with friends. I ate too much. I probably drank too much. There was a festive atmosphere that I needed. Now, it is back to reality. The holidays are over and I have just come back to Paris. Still, I have my photos of craggy rocks, deserted beaches, wind blown moors and ruined buildings. These will tide me over till my next visit.