Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Thoughts/Random Photos

As I sit and watch one of the strangest weather patterns to hit Paris (rain, snow, sun, thunder and then snow and hail, followed by sun...) I am going through the task of editing my photographs, deciding what is decent, what should go, 'what was I thinking?' and thinking I should learn Photoshop after all. As much as I complain, I actually enjoy doing this editing and I have found some photos I had completely forgotten about, or found better copies of ones I have used before. I am also cleaning up photos and I have discovered that I lean to one side far too often. I never notice this in my day life. At the same time, I am looking over my other work. I am starting some new paintings, as well as photo series, along with making odd, primitive sculptures, which work well with my odd primitive drawings. This sudden creative burst is what I have needed to fight off Winter Blues. When is Spring anyway? Okay, back to work!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Year, new things in life...

Okay, I know it is February already, but I am feeling quite positive about things. I have been working on my photos more and more. I have spent so much time editing that at this point I need to really see something other than my own work. Still, it has been so rewarding, planning photographs and challenging myself each time to try something new, something different. It has been a very long time that creativity has sparked so strongly. Taking photos has made me rethink painting, sculpture and even drawing, so much so that I have been doing all 4. Other changes have also come about. I have decided to take a break from french classes after the coming semester. While I have enjoyed taking the classes, as of late, they have become something of a source of anxiety for me. It is at the point where it is difficult to even take anymore french in and therefore I am becoming increasingly closed off to it. There is no fun in it anymore. Perhaps I will take it up again in the future, but for now, I need a break. As long as I can sufficiently function, like asking for something I want, or making small talk in a check-out is enough for now. Plus, I have many projects ahead that I would like to focus more on. To put things simple, there are changes ahead in my life and I find that exciting.